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Gday all,

Naccas (Cleve) here,

I love all things tech and been in Crypto for 6 months now.  A mate suggested I buy Bitcoin in 2013 and when he told me it was like $250 a coin I was like "that's too expensive", safe to say when it hit $2500 last year and he cashed out $100,000 I kinda started taking notice along with kicking myself !!!

I started off buying and selling and now just recently built a rig and starting off with 2 gtx1070's and plan to increase the number of cards over time.

To the moon !!


Hi Cleve, nice to meet you. That's an amazing story, and I hope more of the community here have the kind of success your friend has had!

I am also big on the mining so we have much to talk about.


Welcome aboard Cleve!

100k cash out sounds amazing.  Props to your friend.

2 1070s is a great start.. how many are you planning on running long term?